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Harlie Quinn

About me:
Harlie Quinn is the Events Cooridnator for Phoenix Radio. She also a co-founder for What The Eff, one of the shows here on Phoenix Radio. Harlie also appears full time on Another Level: The Eris Chronicles. She has also appeared on The Next Level and The Hooligans. 

From Harlie:
"I came to Phoenix radio through Gizmo. Every Sunday night I would ask him if he wanted to RP but he always told me he was busy with a radio show. One night I decided to check it out. I won the $20 hollar the first time listening and started hanging out with everyone. Finally, I applied on request of Bacon. I started out by appearing on ALTEC and the Hooligans. I now co-host What the eff with Sin and Karma."

"The most beautiful art is music."
Harlie Quinn