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Gem State Gaming Convention 2016

April 2nd, 2016
Boise, Idaho - Riverside Hotel

As we finish up the Gem State gaming convention here in Boise Idaho we just wanted to let you guys all know what happened. In total we had a ton of visits at the booth, thank you to everyone who could make it out as well as to those who tuned in from home, work, or wherever. We hope that come next year hopefully more of you can make it out, we would love the chance to visit with our listeners and supporters. With that being said we're not done, in fact we're going to have a ton more booths this year. One of the places we are going to try and get into is Anime Oasis this end of May.

We do also want to thank all the other vendors who joined us in the vendor hall at Gem State Gaming Convention this year. We hope that you all enjoyed listening to the music as much as we enjoyed having the opportunity to provide it. There is no better feeling but to watch people dance and sing to it while they work, shop, or even simply browse. We strive to provide entertainment to everyone, attendees, staff, and vendors, and it was an absolute pleasure to see the smiling faces amongst you all.
We also want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who had requested songs through us, we actually had almost 40 song requests in total which is absolutely amazing! Its because of input and community interaction like this that Phoenix Radio-FM continues to exist and grow. We are here because of all of you so thank you once more.

We also want to thank Forlorn for working with us at the convention and we would like to announce that we want to help them out where possible. We’re going to help promote this new game so if you guys have not heard of Forlorn we would highly recommend checking our sponsors button, or the provided links below, to out more about them. It is a wonderful game, it is brand new, and we would highly recommend giving it a look and possibly helping fund their kickstarter.
We do want to thank Sean and Derek from Gem State Gaming Convention for helping us to get a booth in the vendor hall at such short notice. Sean is one of the owners, and operators, of the convention as well as the owner of Phoenix Fire Games here in the Boise metropolitan area. It was thanks to his awesome, helpful, and patient insight that this was even possible. We want to give our most sincere thanks to those two as well as all the staff who helped make this convention a possibility! Anyone who is interested should consider heading over to the Gem State Gaming Convention official website and Facebook page and giving them a look, links will be provided below as well. They have been a wonderful help this year and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the conventions to come.
This year’s convention was so amazing and we want to thank all of you for supporting us here at
Phoenix Radio-FM, listen to the revolution!

Story by:  DJ Shippo and Redbeard


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