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Gemini Syndrome: Memento Mori Album Review

I. Introduction
A. Name of musician/band: Gemini Syndrome
B. Name of CD/Album: Memento Mori
C. Genre of music: Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal
D. Initial Impressions – What is your reaction to the music after the first listen?

Initially, when the first song “Anonymous” was released on Facebook, I was confused. My very first thought was “Wow, this song sounds totally different from any song on Lux” and then as I played it more over and over, it became catchy. I than listened to the lyrics and fell in love.
Gemini Syndrome released “Remember We Die” on Facebook next, and the video touched me. As someone who lives with mental health, the song gave me an awakening. The lyrics were very powerful, and because these guys are family to me, I didn’t know how to deal with seeing these people potentially playing suicidal roles in the video. It was a lot to take in.
The back story to me is as follows: I first saw Gemini Syndrome in 2011 at The Roxy in Los Angeles, CA on a vacation and over the years watched the band develop and become a larger fanbase known as synners. Sometime in 2012, I met Brian aka Karma and he utilized the song “Pleasure and Pain” in his set and I was like “Hey, I know that band! That’s Gemini Syndrome” in 2013, when Lux was released, we did a giveaway of the album, and signed art to one of our winners of an event. I got my SynTags, and became known as Synner007. I was the first official person, with my friend Ed Racketta who started the “Duck the Whole Conspiracy” thing in 2013. Every show after that show, I have brought the guys treats. Usually that consists of Starbucks gift cards, Coffee, Monster, Mountain Dew, Cookies, Chips, Vegan food ect. I have seen Gemini Syndrome a total of 6 times, soon to be 7. Between California, Cleveland, OH, Lancaster, Pa and what will soon become Dallas, Texas and my 7th time, this band honestly is family to me. Speaking of Lancaster, we (my best friend Mike and I) drove 7 hours from Cleveland, Ohio to Lancaster, PA to see Gemini Syndrome on their last tour, which was the second time in a week. We had seen them on Monday in Cleveland, and I promised my daughter, known as DJ Gabby, that if she behaved we would take her on a road trip to see Gemini Syndrome, and that is what we did. The entire time she was starstruck. The guys took to her like family, and Brian calls her his niece. So yeah, basically, this is one of my favorite bands…
Anyway, back to the review of Memento Mori…
So, the album was pre-ordered, and came out at midnight 1 month ago today. So that was August 19th 2016. When I heard the rest of the album, I fell in love. It seemingly told a story, much like their other albums.
Memento Mori means “A warning or reminder of death” and much of this album was built around dying, and having a second change to not give up in life, and not die.
Lux, which was Gemini Syndromes first album, was a reminder of life, and Memento Mori served as a reminder for the representation of birth. Memento Mori literally translates into “Remember, we die”.
My first full listen through of Memento Mori, was entirely amazing. I felt like the lyrics spoke to me. I felt awaken. I at the time, was going through a rough patch with my depression, and the lyrics spoke to me. “Every day is a new dream, a new reality” and such, and so it was like “This album is my miracle. My life saver.” This was very much the perfect album as a follow up to Lux. This band went through changing band members, and music labels, and then produced this album.
If you listen to the album in its entirety, track after track from beginning to end, it tells a story. Not only does it tell a story, but both old fans and new fans, commonly referred to as Synners, will tell you that you can feel the energy, and the life that Gemini Syndrome breathed into this album. You can truly tell they put their blood sweat and tears into this album, and it is such passion with the lyrics and music behind it.
I won’t spoil it, but if you want to listen to the album in its entirety, you can do so here:

​I encourage you to purchase the album as well, because supporting this band is a must.  Not only that, but the album art is simply stunning, like always, and Cameron Grey does an amazing job.

II. Musician/Band Background
A. What do you know about this band/artist?  I know a lot haha. I know the band members personally, and consider them family. As stated above, I have seen this band come a long way, from 2011, to their album release with Lux, and now with Memento Mori. I have watched this band lose band members, gain band members, and change record labels. Each member to this band is the perfect fit.
Have they been around a long time or are they just breaking onto the scene?  2011 was the first time I came across this band, but most discovered them closer to Lux release in 2013.
What is their background? Aaron used to play Bass with OTEP; Brian was a part of another band prior to Gemini Syndrome. As was AP, if I am not mistaken. The new guys in the band, Chuck and Daniel were in other bands prior. Daniel played for Lacuna Coil, which was where I first recognized him from. Chuck came from a band called Filter. It appears that between the guys, they all make the perfect fit in this band.
B. Previously released CDs or songs:
2011: EP I and EP II (Choices was on one of these, and some songs from Lux in early production were on these; Early Synners might remember Bellvue being played in between some songs)
2013: Lux; This was the first major release for Gemini Syndrome. Lux peaked #3 on the Heatseakers Chart. There was rumored to be well over 3,000 albums sold.
C. How does this CD or song compare to others by this group or artist? This CD is definitely, from start to beginning energizing. It tells a story. A story of how birth, life, and death play into life, and the situations that we are going through. A lot of the songs are personal, and have several different interpretations by “synners” but for me personally, this album speaks very personal to me, my depression, my ups and downs with life, and never giving up. This album has such pure emotion and energy in it, you would be ashamed to miss out on this album.

III. CD/Album
A. Is there an overall theme for this CD?  How would you describe it? Definitely Birth, Life, and Death. Never giving up. Realizing that it is not your time, and you are here on this earth for a reason, and eventually your time will come, when your deity calls you home.
B. Think about the lyrics.  What is your opinion of them?  Provide a few examples.
The lyrics are very powerful. Very powerful in my opinion. Here are some.
“Remember, we die. But you’re still alive, so don’t let go”
“It’s time to say goodnight to the nightmare as it gently falls asleep”
“Another restless night, another show plays in my head… it seems to never end”
“Everybody’s scratching just to get to the surface, find their purpose in this wasted life”
“No one is coming to save you, you think you’re alone, well me too”
“Sorry, not sorry”
“I’ve been trapped in this darkness for way too long…”

IV. Impressions and Opinions
A. Which tracks stand out?  Why? This is a tough one for me to answer. If I was to choose a top three, off the album, it would definitely be 1. Gravedigger 2. Say Goodnight and 3. Brought to Light. I would say my pissed off song on the album is definitely “On Point”. The lyrics to every song on Memento Mori is so powerful, it is hard to choose one.
B. Which tracks sag?  Why? I don’t really think any sag on this album.
C. How does this album compare to others in this genre? The album was in the top charts on Apple Music’s Metal charts within the day of releasing. You tell me (

V. Overall rating and final comments
A. Give the CD/Album an overall rating and explain why.
Definitely a 10/10, and an A. The music is very professionally put together. The album is amazing. The artwork is amazing. Vocals are very properly put together. The drums, and bass and guitars and the new voices fit properly. The energy in this album is very imminent. From front to back, this album is very personal to each individual. Definitely a 10/10

Check Gemini Syndrome Out:

Album Art

Thank you to Alyssa Push, for these wonderful album photos that were perfectly taken and could be
used in this review.

You can purchase Memento Mori on all major retailers, such as Best Buy, Amazon, ect. And they
obviously are on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music ect. But please, do yourself a favor and purchase
yourself an album, I promise you won’t regret it.

Article Written By: April Driesse aka GhostRider