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Album Review: From Ashes to New

I. Introduction
A. Name of musician/band: From Ashes to New
B. Name of CD/Album: Day One
C. Genre of music: Nu-Metal, Rap Metal, Post Hardcore, Electronic Rock
D. Initial Impressions – What is your reaction to the music after the first listen?

This album initially struck me by surprise as I had no idea they were releasing a new album so shortly after the tour that I first heard them on.
I first came across From Ashes to New when they were on tour with Five Finger Death Punch, and In This Moment back in October 2015. My boyfriend had made me aware of the band, and told me that he thought I’d like the music they wrote because their lyrics really spoke to him.
Upon initial listen to these guys, I knew right away I was in love. I enjoy combining genres of music, and so the fact that these guys combined Rap and Metal made me fall in love. My initial impression at that time in October 2015, was that I wanted to learn more about this band, and help spread the ashes and help with whatever I could.
I found out that the band was from Lancaster, PA and that Lance also had played with Emphatic, and that they lost one of their members from the Oct 2015 tour due to depression and mental health relating issues. I found out that the band members loved their fans, and that they enjoyed touring and travelling. I found out that they were going to be on Warped Tour, and that their new album would release in early 2016.
Speaking of new album…. Day One released in 2016, and the album was honestly amazing. The singles on Day One that stuck out to me was “Through It All” and “Lost and Alone”.
The album seemingly told a story of a rough life, and overcoming life’s obstacles and barriers.
I spoke previously about them being at Warped Tour this year… At Warped Tour, my boyfriend and I saw the band, From Ashes to New again, and I got to meet and hang out with the guys, and talked to Matt Brandyberry about how his lyrics helped both of us get through depression. You can see the write up that was written on Warped Tour

After Warped Tour, we travelled to see Gemini Syndrome in Lancaster, PA, which ironically is where the band From Ashes to New is from, and I made a connection with Matt’s father John Jeff Brandyberry that night, and talked about helping the band out, and continuing to spread the ashes.
Shortly after joining as many groups on Facebook, I came across the funniest interview with the guys ever, which can be located here:

Their lyrics speak to me. They catch me when I am at rough points, and continue to inspire me to keep
pushing forward. The band has helped people who live with mental health issues, and to answer the
question, I suppose my first impression of the guys was “They are human beings, cool dudes, who like
you and me, have their own life issues, but they write about it in their music, and talk about how you
can overcome these problems and that I wanted to get to know them more”
II. Musician/Band Background
A. What do you know about this band/artist? Well, the band has been around since 2013. They are
from Lancaster, PA. The band members come from several other bands, combining into this one
amazing band. They’ve been on tour with FFDP, In this Moment, and Warped Tour 2016, and will be
on tour with Hellyeah and In Flames shortly. They just got done a Canadian tour. They got famous via
social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. They call their fans “Embers” and refer
to them as “Spreading the Ashes”.
Have they been around a long time or are they just breaking onto the scene? What is their
background? Honestly, the band has been around since 2013, but really is just breaking onto the scene
and getting popular. They have a pretty interesting background. Lance (the guy who is the bassist, and
wears a mask) is originally from Emphatic. The other guys came from other local Lancaster, PA bands.
Previously released CDs or songs: In 2015, they released a second extended play, Downfall, as a taste
of their debut album, set to be released in 2016. On January 7, 2016, the band released a new single
titled Same Old Story. The debut of their newest album, Day One released on February 26, 2016
C. How does this CD or song compare to others by this group or artist? Honestly, all their music is
combined into one, on Day One. I am hoping that this band records new music soon, because they’re
one of my favorites, and there are rumors that they are going to be doing so soon, but that right now,
they’re enjoying touring. I won’t give away hints, you’ll just have to listen to the album yourself on
Youtube, or Spotify, or purchase it, but I honestly recommend purchasing it. You can listen to the entire
Day One Album here:

III. CD/Album
A. Is there an overall theme for this CD?  How would you describe it? I’ve said this above, in a few other examples, but this album definitely seems to be based on life experiences, tough situations, and overcoming them. Definitely can relate to this album overall.
B. Think about the lyrics.  What is your opinion of them?  Provide a few examples.
The lyrics are very powerful. They speak to you. A few examples:
“Dreams are dreamt broken, worlds shattered and choking. And I’m stuck here hoping, Theres something for me”
“All around the skies are falling down upon me. I’m trapped inside this wake of nothing. Once what was beautiful is now a disease. I can’t believe these walls were something”
“There’s not a day that passes by, the pain has not amassed inside, its breaking me down to the ground, it’s like I crashed and died… It’s hard to leave the past behind especially when you’re last in line, and half the time it wraps inside my fragile mind”
“I open my eyes and these lies, they breed and they feed off of me. I try to revive a design but can’t see a need to agree”
“The best thing to ever happen to me has now become the worse thing. Its still the same old story”
IV. Impressions and Opinions
A. Which tracks stand out?  Why?
Lost and alone definitely hit me personally. The song describes a child who lives in a broken home, with lack of support, and describes how it feels to be lost and alone in a world that’s cold with no hope but you still try not to let go and you keep moving on. It hit me personally, because of my past childhood, and my current mental health diagnosis’ and depression.
Through it all, because this song is basically my boyfriend and I’s song. This was one of the first songs we heard, and it’s basically a song that was written about someone who was in love, and no matter what the person went through, through it all, the person saved their life and made them better.
Lastly, Breaking Now. This song is definitely the song I blast when I am breaking down, and can’t handle things anymore. It describes what it feels like, when you don’t care anymore because you’re breaking down, and that those who try to break you, can go F*** themselves because you are who you are.
B. Which tracks sag?  Why? I’m not sure what you mean by sag. None are bad honestly, this album is perfect. I really find each song unique on this album.
C. How does this album compare to others in this genre? Definitely a hit. The album has been out for 8-9 months, and it is still ranked #53 on the Billboard 200. It definitely is unique in itself, because it combines rap with metal, but From Ashes to New definitely does it right!

V. Overall rating and final comments
A. Give the CD/Album an overall rating and explain why.
10/10, A
Why? Well, because the lyrics are perfect. The band combines rap and metal perfectly, and they speak to you. They also influence their fans heavily. The songs and album never gets old to play.


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​Review Written By: April Driesse aka GhostRider