Phoenix Radio FM​

Another Level

Meet The Team
Host/Artifical Intelligence
Eris Solace is a synthetic, daughter of Rebecca Solace and Gemini. She's the DJ of the ALTEC Studio, where she resides with her Team. She's a mischief maker and enjoys creating mayhem.
Christopher Raven
Co-Host/Body Guard
Christopher Raven is the put-upon bodyguard of Eris Solace. While he is a necromancer, he is a skilled warrior and knows how to use his fists and his wit. He’s not paid nearly enough for the work he does.
Gizmo Cartail
Gizmo Cartail is a member of the “Hooligans”, along with his friends Kyrii and Cy Night. He’s a skilled mechanic and engineer, who makes certain the ALTEC Studio is running in top form. While one of Eris’ “minions”, he enjoys the middle ground between helping Raven keep a semblance of order, while playing on Eris’ chaotic impulses.
The Book Wench
Nobody knows the Book Wench’s actual name. Her past is a mystery, but she has dropped hints about the variety of things she knows and what she has done in the past. She’s married to “Mr. Book Wench”, though it’s unlikely that’s his real name.
Co-Host/Pet Plush Griffin
Khaos is an animate plushie griffin designed by Eris Solace. She is capable of taking on the form of an asuran “child” progeny. Regardless of Khaos’ form, she is always made of weaponized cuteness.
Doctor Discord
Doctor Discord is an enlightened engineer, and Karma’s nemesis. He is now the minion of Eris Solace, and has his own “mad science” laboratory in the basement of ALTEC Studios. His past is a mystery, but he survived a confrontation with KIMMIE, need we say more?
The Hick
Official ALTEC Announcer
Nobody knows where the Hick comes from - because nobody’s seen him. He’s able to answer Eris and the Team regardless of where they are. Christopher Raven and Cy Night both think his voice sounds a little too familiar for comfort.